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Visit our presentations, demos, and posters at PAG 2019 in San Diego, California

TreeGenes Presentations and Workshops

Saturday, January 12

Talk / Workshop / Poster Type Time
Workshop: Interoperability and Federation Across Bioinformatic Platforms and Resources - 10:30am, California Room
W662: Cyberinfrastructure for Landscape Genomics: Connectiong Biological Databases, Metadata, and Intelligent Analytics Talk 10:46am
W666: Data Federation in the Tripal Community and Beyond with Structured Cross-Site Searching Talk 11:50am

Sunday, January 13

Talk / Workshop / Poster Type Time
Workshop:Forest Tree - 8:00am, Sunrise Meeting House
W426: Refining Annotation Methodology for Comparative Genomics in Conifers Talk 11:25am
Workshop: Tripal Database Network and Initiatives - 4:00pm, California Room
W1109: Beyond Search and Display: Analyze Tripal Data with CartograTree Talk 5:40pm

Monday, January 14

Talk / Workshop / Poster Type Time
Workshop: Digital Tools and Resources, Session 2 - 12:50pm, California Room
C11: OTreeGenes and CartograTree: Tools for Forest Tree Genomics Talk 2:10pm

TreeGenes Posters

Poster Number Title Authors
PO0021 OrthoQuery: A Tripal Database Module to Assess and Visualize Gene Family Evolution Sumaira Zaman, Sean Buehler, Emily Grau, Stephen Ficklin, Jill Wegrzyn
PO0527 TreeGenes and CartograTree: Tools for Forest Tree Genomics Emily Grau, Sean Buehler, Nic Herndon, Peter Richter, Taylor Falk, Ronald Santos, Margaret Staton, Stephen Ficklin, Jill Wegrzyn
PE0048 Execution of Scientific Workflows for Tripal-Based Community Databases Stephen Ficklin, Shawna Spoor, Connor Wytko, Ming Chen, Abdullah Almsaeed, Bradford Condon, Heidi Hough, Nic Herndon, Nick Mills, Margaret Staton, Jill Wegrzyn, Alex Feltus, Dorrie Main