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Comps et al. (1992)
Height-genotype interaction in an 18-year-old natural beech regeneration (Fagus sylvatica L.)
Comps Bernard, Leroux A., Thiebaut Bernard
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Annales des Sciences Forestieres (Paris)
The interaction between growth, daylight intensity and genetic characters has been analyzed in an even aged 18-year-old natural beech regeneration, under various daylight intensities. The growth and shape of young plants has been analyzed from the main stem. The annual and multiannual growth displayed 3 periods: establishment, differentiation and regression or stabilization. In full light where differentiation was best between the layers, stratification had an influence on seedling vigor and to some degree on their shape, but not in the half-light and in shade. The annual classification of seedlings according to their total height over an 18-year period was found to be influenced by light conditions and vigor at 18 years old, but not by the structure of the regeneration. Genetic characteristics were studied in connection with seedling height growth under 2 daylight intensities: in full light and in the shade. Six allozymic and polymorphic genes with 14 alleles were utilized. Allelic frequencies, gene diversities and heterozygote numbers were not significantly different between the 2 types of light conditions but were different among individuals according to their height. The preliminary results revealed a relationship between the level of heterozygosity and height. This trend was clearer in full light than in the shade under specific conditions which have been discussed.
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Fagus sylvatica (European beech)
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