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Franke et al. (1995)
Genetic constitution of Beech stands (Fagus sylvatica L.) along an altitudinal transect from Freiburg to the top of "Mount Schauinsland"
Franke Andre A, Loechelt S.
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Silvae Genetica
Along an altitudinal transect from Freiburg (240 m above sea level) to the top of "Mount Schauinsland" (1284 m above sea level) in the Black Forest (Germany) the genetic constitution of 7 autochthonous Beech stands (Fagus sylvatica L.) was studied by using isozyme analysis in order to get information about possible genetic adaptation of Beech populations to sites at different altitudes. The results were compared to the genetic structures of a group of 40 wind and ice shaped solitary Beeches (relicts or former closed woodland) from the top region and a wide ridge of "Mount Schauinsland" (about 1250 m above sea level), and of one Beech stand from a Black Forest foothill ("Mount Schonberg"; 500 m above sea level), which is already located in a different growth area with a milder climate. It is shown that there are genetic structure differences among the Beech populations from different altitudes. So i.e. the frequencies of certain alleles change significant from the lower to the higher elevations. The highest amounts of different alleles, alleles per gene locus and rare alleles were found within an untreated or at least unregularly treated Beech stand on a steep and rocky slope at a high altitude and within the group of the solitary Beeches from the top region. Other genetic variation parameters also show that high and low elevation Beech stands are different. The effects of natural and man made selection are discussed. Although the results have to be proved by further genetics studies it is already suggested not to transfer reproductive material from Beech stands of lower altitudes up to higher elevations and vice versa. Considering a possible genetic elevation adaptation Beech stands have to be selected very carefully for gene conservation purposes.
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Fagus sylvatica (European beech)
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