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Jermstad et al. (2011)
Comparative Mapping Between a Sugar Pine (Pinus lambertiana Dougl.) Consensus Map and Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)
Jermstad Kathleen D., Eckert AJ, Davis DA, Burton DC, Mix AD, Wegrzyn Jill L.
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Tree Genetics & Genomes
The majority of genomic research in conifers has been conducted in the Pinus subgenus Pinus, because of the high economic importance of these species. Genetic maps have been constructed for several of these pines and comparative mapping studies reveal high levels of syntenic relationship. In contrast, a meager amount of genomic research has been conducted on the Pinus subgenus Strobus, even though these pines have strong ecological relevance. We report a consensus genetic linkage map for sugar pine (P. lambertiana Dougl.) constructed with single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) markers derived from annotated genes. Additionally, we report the first comparative mapping study between subgenera Pinus and Strobus. As anticipated, a high degree of synteny was observed between these two clades of pines, a result that will facilitate rapid advancement of genomic research and genetic resources in subgenus Strobus.
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Pinus lambertiana (Sugar Pine)
Pinus taeda (Loblolly Pine)
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