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Quan et al. (2019)
Stages identifying and transcriptome profiling of the floral transition in Juglans regia.
Quan Shaowen, Niu Jianxin, Zhou Li, Xu Hang, Ma Li, Qin Yang
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Scientific reports
Using paraffin sections, the stages of walnut female flower bud differentiation were divided into the predifferentiation period (F_1), initial differentiation period (F_2) and flower primordium differentiation period (F_3). Leaf buds collected at the same stage as F_2 were designated JRL. Transcriptomic profiling was performed, and a total of 132,154 unigenes were obtained with lengths ranging from 201 bp to 16,831 bp. The analysis of differentially expressed genes (DEGs) showed that there were 597, 784 and 532 DEGs in the three combinations F_1vsF_2, F_1vsF_3, and F_2vsF_3, respectively. The comparison F_2vsJRL showed that 374 DEGs were differentially expressed between female buds and leaf buds. Thirty-one DEGs related to flowering time were further used to construct coexpression networks, and CRY2 and NF-YA were identified as core DEGs in flowering time regulation. Eighteen DEGs related to flowering time were subjected to real-time quantitative analysis. Our work provides a foundation for further research on the walnut floral transition and provides new resources for future research on walnut biology and biotechnology.
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