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Similarity Search Overview
Sequence similarity search is supported in TreeGenes against genes, TreeGenes UniGenes, proteins, and full genomes. Nucleotide searches are executed with BLAST (BLASTN) while protein or translated protein searches are executed with DIAMOND (BLASTX or BLASTP equivalent). DIAMOND will execute searches in a fraction of the time of BLAST at a similar sensitivity. Both packages accept similar input parameters and these can be modified below. You may upload FASTA formatted sequences or paste FASTA formatted sequences for searching. You can select from a list of pre-formatted DIAMOND and BLAST databases OR upload your own. This can be pre-formatted or provided in FASTA format and formatted for you.

Sequence Query Type

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Upon Submission, your search will enter the queue with either BLAST or Diamond as the engine. You will be given a link to view the progress and results of the job.