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R&D Coordinator / Tree Improvement Scientist
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Sunday, June 30, 2019

R&D Coordinator/ Tree Improvement Scientist

The R&D Coordinator conducts research and technology transfer efforts in forest genetics and
tree improvement. This will include tree breeding and testing to develop elite genotypes with
improved growth, stem quality and disease resistance. Assist with seed orchard management
and control pollination programs to produce the seed needed for reforestation. Coordinate
Rayonier’s R&D efforts in the Alabama resource unit, including genetics, silviculture and
biometrics research. Work closely with the entire Research, Productivity and Sustainability Team
to plan and conduct the needed research and transfer the results to end users in operations and
staff departments to provide decision support for genetic deployment, precision silviculture,
inventory, and growth and yield modeling.
Approximately 60% of this position will be dedicated to genetics and tree improvement activities
and 40% to coordinating R&D and technology transfer in the AL Resource Unit. This position will
be located in Andalusia, Alabama. Travel to other parts of the South and the Pacific Northwest
will be required.
• Conduct research and technology transfer in genetics and tree improvement. Assist with
planning and implementing the tree improvement research program. Work with Genetics
Resource Manager to ensure research is scientifically-sound and focused on high priority
• Coordinate research grafting and breeding for research projects, progeny testing, and
genetic archives.
• Assist with development and execution of breeding and testing program to develop elite
genotypes of loblolly pine, slash pine and Douglas-fir for deployment by Rayonier.
• Accountable for initiation of new genetics research trials to address Rayonier’s goals, either
through research cooperatives or internal projects. Accountable for genetics field trial
establishment, management, and measurements across the US landbase. Responsible for
managing budget for field trial management.
• Assist with seed orchard management and control pollination work to produce seed needed
for reforestation. Collaborate on design of seed orchard related research studies.
• Serve as the R&D coordinator for the Alabama Resource Unit. Work closely with the
management team in Alabama and the entire Research, Productivity and Sustainability
Team to identify priority research areas and implement the needed research to address
priorities in genetics, silviculture and biometrics.
• Technology transfer to operations to address questions and ensure rapid and efficient
implementation of research results. This includes field visits, formal training sessions, and
preparation of research reports, notes and forest management notes. Help develop
decision support tools needed to improve site specific precision silviculture.

• B.S. in Forestry or other closely related natural resource field.
• MS degree required (Ph.D. a plus) in forest genetics and tree improvement.
• Experience in the genetics of and screening for disease resistance is preferred.

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