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Term IdentifierStructure/Dev TermTotal in TreeGenesDefinition
CO_357:0000010BF_score3205Budflish scoring
CO_357:1000010Budset scoring1176Budscet scoring of the terminal apex
CO_357:2000059Chemical content ratio protocol909Content ratio measured by chemical analysis
PO:0025473 compression wood21334 'A portion of reaction wood (PO:0025472) found on the lower side of a shoot axis (PO:0025029) that is or was angled away from vertical and that has as parts heavily lignified tracheids (PO:0000301) with a specialized S2 layer that contains more lignin and has a larger (more horizontal) microfibril angle.
CO_357:0000022DBH25152Diameter at breast height
CO_357:0000085Delta13C461Delta C13
CO_357:1000034Frost damages1047Presence of absence of frost damages
CO_336:0000048H33Tree total height
CO_357:1000074Leaf carbon content21964Leaf carbon content
CO_357:1000075Leaf nitrogen content22425Leaf nitrogen content
CO_357:0000061NBFO3625Forks number
CO_357:1000119Percentage of tension wood105Percentage of tension wood
CO_357:1000066Sex determination295Determination of the tree sex
CO_357:1000070Survival1810Assessment of the survival state of the tree
CO_357:1000037Tree total hieght54504Total height of the tree (from ground to tallest part of the crown)
CO_357:0000132WCC909Celluolose wood composition
CO_357:0000153WF-l10247Wood fibers length
CO_357:0000154WF-t105Wood fibers thickness
CO_357:0000134WHC461Hemicellulose wood composition
CO_357:1000097Wood Carbon 13 content21503Wood Carbon 13 content