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Term IdentifierStructure/Dev TermTotal in TreeGenesDefinition
PO:0020144 apical meristem10 A maximal portion of meristem tissue (PO:0009013) located at a shoot apex (PO:0000037) or root tip (PO:0000025).
PO:0000055 bud461 An undeveloped shoot system (PO:0009006).
PO:0025532 bud burst stage6885 A shoot system development stage (PO:0025527) during which a shoot system (PO:0009006) emerges from the bud (PO:0009006).
PO:0025473 compression wood21334 'A portion of reaction wood (PO:0025472) found on the lower side of a shoot axis (PO:0025029) that is or was angled away from vertical and that has as parts heavily lignified tracheids (PO:0000301) with a specialized S2 layer that contains more lignin and has a larger (more horizontal) microfibril angle.
PO:0000005 cultured plant cell2230 A plant cell (PO:0009002) that is grown or maintained in vitro.
PO:0025323 flower fascicle21503 A reproductive shoot system (PO:0025082) that is a second order inflorescence (PO:0025240), or higher, in which the inflorescence branch (PO:0009081) bears two or more flowers (PO:0009046), but is not elongated.
PO:0007616 flowering stage10 A flower development stage (PO:0007615) that begins when pollen (PO:0025281) is released by anther dehiscence (GO:0009901) and/or the stigma (PO:0009073) is receptive and ends with the process of pollination (GO:0009856) and/or floral organ senescence (GO:0080187).
PO:0000057 inflorescence bud306 A bud that develops into an inflorescence.
PO:0000004 in vitro plant structure33309 A plant structure (PO:0009011) that is grown or maintained in vitro.
PO:0025034 leaf413311 A phyllome (PO:0006001) that is not associated with a reproductive structure.
PO:0000007 leaf-derived cultured plant cell1448 A cultured plant cell that was derived from leaf tissue.
PO:0020049 leaflet10 A cardinal organ part (PO:0025001) that is one of the ultimate segments of a compound leaf (PO:0020043).
PO:0020055 leaf rachis10 A stalk that is the main axis of a pinnate or more highly compound leaf, that bears leaflets or divisions of the axis.
PO:0030007 meristematic apical cell4622 A single meristematic cell (PO:0004010) at the tip of a plant structure where apical growth occurs.
PO:0030102 nut fruit60 A fruit (PO:0009001) which develops from a gynoecium (PO:0009062) and at maturity comprises a dry exocarp (PO:0009085), dry mesocarp (PO:0009087), and dry endocarp (PO:0009086) that are not fused to a seed coat (PO:0009088).
PO:0000006 plant protoplast1055 A cultured plant cell from which the entire plant cell wall has been removed.
PO:0000008 root-derived cultured plant cell475 A cultured plant cell that was derived from root tissue.
PO:0009010 seed33 A multi-tissue plant structure (PO:0025496) that develops from a plant ovule (PO:0020003) and has as parts a plant embryo (PO:0009009) enclosed in a seed coat (PO:0009088).
PO:0007131 seedling development stage252 A sporophyte vegetative stage (PO:0007134) that succeeds the seed germination stage (PO:0007057) and terminates with the development of the first adult vascular leaf (PO:0006340).
PO:0009047 stem22141 A shoot axis (PO:0025029) that is the primary axis of a plant.
PO:0025474 tension wood105 A portion of reaction wood (PO:0025472) found on the upper side of a shoot axis (PO:0025029) that is or was angled away from vertical and that has as parts gelatinous fiber cells (PO:0025422).
PO:0000003 whole plant122739 A plant structure (PO:0005679) which is a whole organism.
PO:0005352 xylem71916 A portion of vascular tissue (PO:0009015) that has as part one or more tracheary elements (PO:0000290).