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Term IdentifierStructure/Dev TermTotal in TreeGenesDefinition
TGTO:000005basic density10142Defined as oven-dry mass divided by green volume
TGTO:000001BV planted tree volume1705Breeding Value for planted tree volume as percentage of progeny test average
TGTO:000007conical volume - 3yr10142Conical volume of a tree at three years old
TGTO:000006conical volume - 7yr10142Conical volume of a tree at seven years old
TGTO:000009crushing strength105Ultimate crushing strength parallel to grain
TGTO:000023dbh planted area215Per-planted-area cross-sectional area of stems at breast height (1.3m)
TGTO:000042disease severity129Disease severity (%) was obtained by dividing the lesion length by plant height and multiplying by 100
TGTO:000028dividing membranes10characteristics of inner pleat wall.
TGTO:000010fiber proportion105Fiber proportion
TGTO:000017foliar aluminum21503Foliar concentration of aluminium
TGTO:000018foliar calcium to magnesium ratio21503Ratio of calsium to magnesium in foliage
TGTO:000019foliar carbon to nitrogen21503Ratio of carbon to nitrogen in foliage
TGTO:000025foliar carbon to nitrogen ratio461Carbon to Nitrogen in leaves ratio
TGTO:000026foliar delta 15N isotope461delta 15N isotope in leaves
TGTO:000021foliar nitrogen isotope21503Nitrogen isotope composition in foliage
TGTO:000022foliar nitrogen to phosphorus ratio21503Ratio of nitrogen to phosphorus in foliage
TGTO:000020foliar potassium to magnesium ratio21503Ratio of potassium to magnesium in foliage
TGTO:000004gbh548stem girth measured at approximately 1.3-1.5 m above ground
TGTO:000040Growing season duration306Length of growing season
TGTO:000029juvenile period10Years from seed to first flowering.
TGTO:000030kernal percentage10Kernel percentage.
TGTO:000041Leaf fall date306Leaf fall date
TGTO:000031longitudinal section shape10Longitudinal section shape of mixed bud.
TGTO:000034longitudinal shape10Shape in longitudinal section through suture.
TGTO:000011longitudinal shrinkage105Longitudinal shrinkage
TGTO:000024pop - broken branches215The number of trees with broken arms
TGTO:000002pop - tree volume1705Breeding Value for planted tree volume as percentage of progeny test average
TGTO:000014radial shrinkage105Radial shrinkage
TGTO:000012rupture105Flexural modulus of rupture
TGTO:000035shape of perpendicular apex10Shape of apex perpendicular to suture.
TGTO:000036shape of perpendicular base10Shape of base perpendicular to suture.
TGTO:000037shell thickness10The thickness of shell.
TGTO:000003specific gravity1705Phenotypic wood specific gravity
TGTO:000013tangential shrinkage105Tangential shrinkage
TGTO:000038terminal leaflet10Existential state of terminal leaflet.
TGTO:000032transverse diameter10Nut transverse diameter.
TGTO:000039Type of dichogamy10Time of male flowering compared to female flowering.
TGTO:000033vertical diameter10Nut vertical diameter.
TGTO:000015vessel proportion105Vessel proportion
TGTO:000016volumetric shrinkage105Volumetric shrinkage
TGTO:000027xylulose461xylulose NIST