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This page reflects community submissions associated with published studies. Each submission is associated with a longterm identifier that connects the genotype, phenotype, and/or environmental metrics assessed. These studies represent diversity assessements, association mapping, and landscape genomics. We accept studies with a variety of marker types. We encourage you to submit your study to TreeGenes and utilize the provided accession in your publication. We currently have 157 studies representing 156 species. Studies that have georeferenced accessions associated with them can be queried on CartograPlant.


AccessionTitleSpeciesPlant CountPhenotypes AssessedPhenotypic MeasuresGenotype Count
TGDR296Genetic variation and structure in the neotropical tree, Manilkara zapota (L) P. Royen (Sapotaceae) used by the ancient MayaManilkara zapota82714796
TGDR298The population genetic diversity and pattern of Pteroceltis tatarinowii, a relic tree endemic to China, inferred from SSR markersPteroceltis tatarinowii46110925
TGDR299Evolutionary history of almond tree domestication in the Mediterranean basinPrunus dulcis112428711
TGDR300A rangewide herbarium-derived dataset indicates high levels of gene flow in black cherry (Prunus serotina)Prunus serotina50028000
TGDR301Genetic architecture and genomic patterns of gene flow between hybridizing species of PiceaPicea engelmannii x Picea glauca77715540
TGDR302The ancient tropical rainforest tree Symphonia globulifera L. f. (Clusiaceae) was not restricted to postulated Pleistocene refugia in Atlantic Equatorial AfricaSymphonia globulifera2252250
TGDR303Nuclear and chloroplast DNA phylogeography reveals Pleistocene divergence and subsequent secondary contact of two genetic lineages of the tropical rainforest tree species Shorea leprosula (Dipterocarpaceae) in Southeast AsiaShorea leprosula72239020
TGDR304The extended consequences of genetic conductivity: mating distance affects community phenotypes in Norway sprucePicea abies17691584
TGDR306Quantifying in situ phenotypic variability in the hydraulic properties of four tree species across their distribution range in EuropePicea abies
Pinus sylvestris
Betula pendula
Populus tremula
TGDR308Structure and genetic diversity of Ixora margaretae an endangered species: a baseline study for conservation and restoration of natural dry forest of New CaledoniaIxora margaretae2456860
TGDR310Evolutionary potential in the Alpine: trait heritabilities and performance variation of the dwarf willow Salix herbacea from different elevations and microhabitatsSalix herbacea113615904
TGDR311Small but not isolated: a population genetic survey of the tropical tree Cariniana estrellensis (Lecythidaceae) in a highly fragmented habitatCariniana estrellensis3997038
TGDR312Neutral and adaptive drivers of microgeographic genetic divergence within continuous populations: the case of the Neotropical tree Eperua falcata (Aubl.)Eperua falcata120
TGDR313Temperature-related natural selection in a wind-pollinated tree across regional and continental scalesAlnus glutinosa55089650
TGDR314Genetic structure and diversity of the endangered fir tree of Lebanon (Abies cilicica Carr.): implications for conservationAbies alba
Abies bornmuelleriana
Abies cephalonica
Abies cilicica
Abies marocana
TGDR315Fine-scale spatial genetic dynamics over the life-cycle of the tropical tree Prunus africanaPrunus africana147917360
TGDR316Molecular and morphological diversity of on-farm hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) landraces from southern Europe and their role in the origin and diffusion of cultivated germplasmCorylus avellana9973011957
TGDR318Incipient radiation within the dominant Hawaiian tree Metrosideros polymorphaMetrosideros polymorpha4077225
TGDR319Effects of Pleistocene climate change on genetic structure and diversity of Shorea macrophylla in Kalimantan rainforestShorea macrophylla40611254
TGDR320Fine-scale spatial genetic structure in the frankincense tree Boswellia papyrifera (Del.) Hochst. and implications for conservationBoswellia papyrifera3203540