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This page reflects community submissions associated with published studies. Each submission is associated with a longterm identifier that connects the genotype, phenotype, and/or environmental metrics assessed. These studies represent diversity assessements, association mapping, and landscape genomics. We accept studies with a variety of marker types. We encourage you to submit your study to TreeGenes and utilize the provided accession in your publication. We currently have 147 studies representing 154 species. Studies that have georeferenced accessions associated with them can be queried on CartograPlant.


AccessionTitleSpeciesPlant CountPhenotypes AssessedPhenotypic MeasuresGenotype Count
TGDR356Genetic diversity and structure of Lolium perenne ssp. multiflorum in California vineyards and orchards indicates potential for spread of herbicide resistance via gene flowLolium perenne ssp. multiflorum4119871
TGDR357Contrasted patterns of local adaptation to climate change across the range of an evergreen oak, Quercus aquifolioidesQuercus aquifolioides5879392
TGDR377Strong genetic differentiation on a small geographic scale in the Neotropical rainforest understory tree Paypayrola blanchetiana (Violaceae)Paypayrola blanchetiana2855457
TGDR382Gene frequency shift in relict Abies pinsapo forests associated with drought-induced mortality. Preliminary evidences of local-scale divergent selectionAbies pinsapo1152230230
TGDR397Phylogeny and biogeography of the American live oaks (Quercus subsection Virentes): a genomic and population genetics approachQuercus fusiformis
Quercus geminata
Quercus minima
Quercus oleoides
Quercus virginiana
Quercus brandegeei
Quercus sagraeana
TGDR400Multi-scale spatial genetic structure within and between populations of wild cherry trees in nuclear genotypes and chloroplast haplotypesCerasus jamasakura
Cerasus leveilleana
Padus grayana
TGDR408Genome‐wide association implicates numerous genes underlying ecological trait variation in natural populations of Populus trichocarpaPopulus trichocarpa46282378027552563
TGDR422Geographical isolation and environmental heterogeneity contribute to the spatial genetic patterns of Quercus kerrii (Fagaceae)Quercus kerrii314423580