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Tripal Plant PopGen Submissions

This page reflects community submissions associated with published studies. Each submission is associated with a longterm identifier that connects the genotype, phenotype, and/or environmental metrics assessed. These studies represent diversity assessements, association mapping, and landscape genomics. We accept studies with a variety of marker types. We encourage you to submit your study to TreeGenes and utilize the provided accession in your publication. We currently have 100 studies representing 98 species. Studies that have georeferenced accessions associated with them can be queried on CartograTree.

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OrderFamilySpeciesCommon Name
FagalesJuglandaceaeJuglans regiaWalnut

Study Details

TPPS/TGDR Details for TGDR053

Publication TitleGenetics of frost hardiness in Juglans regia L. and relationship with growth and phenology
Publication AuthorSavé, Robert
SpeciesJuglans regia
Study Type
File DownloadsTGDR053_Tree_Accession.xlsx
Population Size532
Phenotype Count3192
Genotype Count
Unique Phenotypes6


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