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Tripal Plant PopGen Submissions

This page reflects community submissions associated with published studies. Each submission is associated with a longterm identifier that connects the genotype, phenotype, and/or environmental metrics assessed. These studies represent diversity assessements, association mapping, and landscape genomics. We accept studies with a variety of marker types. We encourage you to submit your study to TreeGenes and utilize the provided accession in your publication. We currently have 99 studies representing 146 species. Studies that have georeferenced accessions associated with them can be queried on CartograTree.

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AccessionTitleSpeciesPopulation SizePhenotypes AssessedPhenotypic MeasuresGenotype Count
TGDR177Genetic variation in Tertiary relics: the case of eastern-Mediterranean Abies (Pinaceae)Abies alba

TGDR191The geographical and environmental determinants of genetic diversity for four alpine conifers of the European AlpsAbies alba

TGDR198Adaptation to local climate in a multi-trait space: evidence from silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) populations across a heterogeneous environmentAbies alba Mill.

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